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Someone once said:

"A greater perspective is worth
20 points of IQ!"


I don't know how to suddenly make you 20 points smarter, but I do know how to help you have a greater perspective.

I'm Steve Straus, and since 1987, I've been helping my private coaching clients have different perspectives. These people - who were successful before they hired me - now see things differently and take new actions based on their expanded perspectives.

In other words, I'm in the "ah-ha" business. An ah-ha is a sudden shift you have in the way you see or think or feel about something. That shift, that ah-ha, causes something to be different for the rest of your life! You can't un-ah-ha an ah-ha.

Walt Disney has been quoted as saying that "Every great idea came to me in a flash."

Having a coach - perhaps me - look at your situation from a different perspective, be able to discern a new truth about you, and then voice that new awareness to you in a succinct and powerful way, can cause you to have the ah-ha experience.

What do you do?....

Most business owners, top executives, professionals and wealthy people have to go it alone. They can't get personal advice from their employees because of the difference in roles. They can't get much from their board because of the fear of raising doubts or appearing weak. So most people are running their companies by talking to their spouse, their dog or an old fence post because they can't find impartial help.

That’s where I come in. I'm Steve Straus and I've coached hundreds of leaders. Most have said it was the best thing they've done for themselves - to contribute to their personal growth and to the growth of their companies.

Just think, behind every star athlete or performer is someone helping them train, improve, make adjustments, and be encouraged, working with their strengths to maximize their performance.

No coach can make you walk on water, cure the sick or work miracles. But I can help you become the best you you can be and that will change everything. Your business will grow, your family life will improve and most importantly, you will have a lot more joy on your journey.

Call me today at 214-693-1417 to find out if coaching is right for you, and in particular, to find out if I'm that right coach.

A business coach for you, yes, but also a life coach.

NOTE: If having a private coach is not the best thing for you and you have a small business, or small professional practice, or are a solo entreprenuer, I also have a group coaching program which may be useful for you.


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