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Who is Coach Steve Straus?


I believe that everyone can have a full, rich and satisfying life. That belief shapes my coaching.

My job is to help you see what's important to you, then help you have it.

Since each client wants different outcomes I'm a different coach for each client. That environment requires me to be flexible and always on my toes, a major part of what I love about being a coach.

I know that people are capable beyond their current beliefs and I get to coach them to see what's possible. Working in partnership with me you discover what you really want to accomplish, then we design a unique program that will give you just that.

I was raised to believe that a person had to work hard to be successful, a model which can work for some people. However, from about age 35 until age 40, I studied a wide range of successful and unsuccessful people. I kept asking the questions, "Why do some people lead enjoyable, successful, satisfying, fulfilling lives and others don't? What's the difference that makes the difference?"

The answer which emerged is nobody became successful doing something they hated! At that moment of realization I decided to never again do anything unless I could find a way to enjoy it. Coaching is that joy for me. I coach others to find and expand the joy in their lives.

I must also tell you that the role of coach is the easiest work I have ever done! [I've been told that I shouldn't say that because people want others to work as hard as they do. I've learned that to be effective for you, what I do must be effortless for me.]

In a profession where the average relationship between client and coach is less than 12 months, my average is 3+ years. Many clients have coached with me for 4 or 5, some even 9 or 10 years. They've found there always seems to be something else they would like to talk about with me - privately and confidentially - and be coached on.

However, you coach with me only as long as you want. You're in control of the relationship. You do the work, I do the coaching. And we have a very good time together.

Your client engagement is, of course, unique to your specific situation. Fees vary depending on the scope of what you want to accomplish, how we work together, and the term. Each engagement delivers excellent value for your investment; that's why people hire me!

It's almost impossible to describe coaching, so call me and I'll coach you on a topic of your choosing. For free. Experience what it's like to be coached by me. Experience what having an additional perspective can do for you. And should we determine that I'm not the right coach for you, I'll gladly help you find another coach, your perfect coach.

Click to see my credentials.

I have been coaching since 1987 and have coached over 500 private clients, highly successful clients. What else do you want to know about me? Call me at 214-693-1417.

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