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What is it about Needs that you need to hear?

A few years ago I noticed some repeating patterns of behavior among my coaching clients. Specifically I noticed they had unmet needs. Their unconscious attempts to get their needs met were keeping them from achieving the outcomes they really wanted.

This was very frustrating for them:

  • They would talk about goals with passion,
    but not make any progress
    toward them.
  • They would hear suggestions which were happily accepted,
    but never put into practice.
  • They would have breakthrough after breakthrough in their thinking, but never seem to change their behavior.

For instance, one of my clients was a professional speaker who had a need for approval and acceptance. He used his audiences to meet these needs. The problem:

  • This was unconscious to him.
  • He thought he was just being a good speaker.
  • The needs prevented him from raising his speaking fees because he wanted a full calendar, which would give him more approval and acceptance opportunities.
  • Therefore he took on painful assignments (lower fees, hard-to-get-to locations, etc.).
  • His speaking business continued but at a high personal cost.

After he saw his needs and got them met in healthier ways, he has been able to:

  • Dramatically increase his revenues.
  • Decrease his workload.
  • Have better and healthier connections with his audiences.

The needs no longer drive him. He is now drawn to speaking engagements by his core values of service and creativity.

After I figured out what was going on -- that we all have unmet needs and those needs drive us -- I decided I wanted more people to know.

My vision is that everyone's unmet needs are
identified and satisfied so that each person can
function at a much higher level.

This book can help you recognize the unmet needs in yourself. It can also show you how to have them stop running portions of your life. This is the only book I've seen on the subject. By understanding this you can help yourself find healthy ways to meet these needs so you can focus on your real desired outcomes.

I have used this simple process with dozens of my coaching clients and have had others who have read the book come up with the same results. This works. Guaranteed.

What You Get

  • You get a complete copy of my ebook: 
    The Main Thing: Seeing how SoftNeedsTM Are Keeping You Trapped.
  • You get FREE lifetime updates.

The Price

The price is now .... free! Enjoy it, with my complements.To order click on this link now. 

Immediate Access

By ordering now you will be able to download it just seconds after you complete the order. Click here now to have a tool that can help your clients better achieve their goals.

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