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Some facts about Coaching

As I said on the homepage, I help you have frequent ah-ha's, about your business, your Self, your life.

For you, I encourage you (when you need it), listen to you (always), non-critically help you see things from other perspectives (that's fun!), and, most importantly, I'm on your side to help you be more successful.

I won't make decisions for you, but I will help you to make better decisions.

As your business coach I can help you…

  • be encouraged
  • explore ideas
  • create
  • grow your business
  • achieve your business goals
  • be more effective communicating
  • look at alternatives
  • let go of things which no longer work for you
  • spend less time IN the business and more time ON the business
  • plan your company’s growth
  • by being a sanity check
  • get back up when you’re down
  • have honest feedback
  • make adjustments in the way you lead people
  • avoid making expensive mistakes
  • take a bigger leap than you think you can
  • by being there for you through thick and thin

As your life coach I can help you…

  • find life’s meaning
  • find your passion
  • define your mission and fulfill it
  • sort out conflicting priorities
  • make it through the tough times
  • gain perspective on your situation
  • find encouragement and comfort
  • take bigger steps than you think possible

I am both a business coach and a life coach,
a rare combination.

What I am not

  • a therapist
  • a judge
  • a parent
  • a driver
  • an implementor
  • an employee
  • a consultant

I will assist you to ...

- see with clarity,
- focus with perspective, and
- create structures which support you...

for whatever you want to have.

I may be the coach for you. Call me at 214-693-1417 and we'll talk about you and coaching.

Click to see for whom I am the best coach.


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