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My credentials


I used to accumulate professional certifications right and left. Now I may be the least credentialed coach in the coaching business! That wasn't my plan, but that is what has happened. Here's my story.

Since I have been a coach from 1987 I have been in ideal places to accumulate numerous coaching designations and credentials. As graduate #6 from Coach University I was in line to receive all their certificates. As a member of the original CoachU Trainer Team (I taught all their subjects for four years) I was in the first batch of coaches to receive the designation of Certified Mentor Coach (CMC), which means that I can coach coaches.

I was around at the start of the International Coach Federation and was awarded their highest designation of Master Certified Coach (MCC). Later, I was in at the start of, now the largest coaching community in the world.

Going farther back in my training I have been a Certified Hypnotherapist (through the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association) and an Advanced Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Related training included Time Line Therapy and the Silva Method. You could, rightly, get the idea that I have been interested in what motivates people.

I'm also interested in motivating people so I spent 14 years in the National Speakers Association, serving as President of the North Texas chapter (and received the Jos. J Charbonneau Award, their highest) and served as national chair of the Chapter Leadership Council, the function of which was to develop and train chapter leaders. Again, notice the thread of working with exciting humans who are up to something.

I also developed and led three public workshops for over ten years. These workshops centered around determining what you want, how to attract it and seeing your path in life.

While I have maintained none of my credentials (except for Certified Mentor Coach, now granted by, for my clients who are coaches and require, for their own certification, that their coach be certified) I am, however, a great fan of the certification process. It provides clarity, focus and structure for a person's coaching education and for that reason I recommend certification to all new coaches.

Here's the final word on my credentials:
I let go of mine once I saw clearly (thanks to my coaches) that I had only accumulated certifications so that I would look good in others' eyes, receive their approval and therefore be able to feel good about myself. After a lot of work and a lot of time I no longer need the approval of anyone, so I no longer need credentials.

Then it dawned on me:

- No one had ever hired me because of my credentials.

- They hired me because of me.

Call me at 214-693-1417 to discuss what you want.


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