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I'm the best coach for....

1) People who are nice.

What!? Why nice? It's because life's too short to deal with difficult people. There are plenty of folks I can enjoy working with, so why take on a client who will want to treat me as anything other than a trusted, friendly advisor who has their best interests at heart?

2) People who are already successful.

When a person has achieved a certain level of success in life something changes inside him or her. They cease worrying about survival. They start looking to maximize their life. It's obviously helpful to have a coach during the early, rougher years, but I've evolved to realize that I'm the best coach for people who know - at a deep inner level - that they're okay and going to be okay.

3) People who want something big.

When there is something big you want, you come to each coaching call with an eagerness and an energy which is palpable. I don't care what your "big" is, I just want it to be big for you. Together, we'll help you get it.

4) People who value having additional perspectives.

"If it is to be, it's up to me" is an old life model. The Lone Ranger mindset. People who think this way can't afford, emotionally, to have a partner in their success. They feel it somehow diminishes their win. Others, the clients I serve best, are accustomed to having trusted, experienced advisors on their journey. Dominated by no one, but open to receiving different perspectives, that's for whom I'm the best coach.

Does this sound attractive to you? If so, call me at 214-693-1417 and let's talk about what you want.

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