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Steve Straus

First Solo!

There’s a coaching story in this picture, a picture of me right after my first solo. WooHoo! It was a real red-letter day.

And one I had put off for 40 years!

The delay story is not unique – family, business, finances, etc. It was always ‘not quite now.’

Put off learning to fly because the cost of a Private Pilot’s License, then an Instrument rating, a small airplane, hanger rent, and annual maintenance, by the time I added it up it was going to cost $200,000 to ‘learn to fly.’

One day my wife said, “Why don’t you just go get your PPL? If you never do the rest you will have at least done something you’ve always wanted to do – learn to fly.” Brilliant! Ten months and less than $15K later I was a pilot.

The coaching point in this story (and picture) is about chunking down the ‘unobtainable’ initial desire to an actionable chunk I could and did do.

I love to fly. Every minute in the air is a delight.

Is there something you want that is ‘too big’ and holding you back?

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