Straus USA

Steve Straus

A timber farm surprise

My late wife and I bought this timber farm in southeast Arkansas as an investment. Coaching is and has been a delightful profession but not one in which strong wealth can typically be created. We learned that creating wealth would be from investing some of the stream of coaching proceeds.

After buying this place and beginning to spend more time here we came to love the quality it added to our lives.

That led to a small travel trailer at first. Then a nice two-bedroom/two-bath 1200 sq. ft. house – with ultimately 912 sq. ft. of porch! All comfortably next to the pond you see in the photograph.

Then a 4-bay pole barn, with an A/C art studio for her, solar powered endless water supply, and tractor and all the implements it has become a peaceful self-sustaining retreat.

Spending part of each month here I can coach as seamlessly as from the city.

[By the way, I learned our parents told us a lie: Money does grow on trees!]

Coaching Point: What started as a place to park and grow financial resources has become an important component of a lovely lifestyle. Notice what you are drawn to, it may be more beneficial that you originally think.

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