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You're a Masterful Coach

A special case of coaching professionals is the one of coaches themselves. I’ve built a practice specialty of coaching coaches who have achieved an advanced level of coaching skill.

If you are a master coach and you have outgrown your coach or are currently un-coached, let me tell you some of my story.

I started coaching in 1987. It was not a plan – the coaching profession didn’t even exist. I simply helped one business owner think things through differently than he had been able to do on his own. His business doubled in 100 days. He told someone, who told someone and soon I was working regularly, nights and weekends, for free! I merely thought I had found a great hobby.

In January of 1990 I ended my day job, declared myself to be a coach, hung out my shingle and started growing my practice. It was slow going.

A couple of years later my wife sat down with me to review our financial situation. In summary, she pointed out that we had no money and that each month our debt was growing. I simply was not earning a living being a coach. Her question was, “Do you have a plan?” Without even having to think about my response, I asked her to figure out how to keep us afloat for one more year, by whatever means we could. I explained that while I had not yet figured out how to be financially successful at coaching, I knew I was doing what I was really meant to do. Even today I can’t explain the feeling I had, the feeling of rightness of purpose, but it has grown deeper since.

A little over a year later I ran into Thomas Leonard and hired him to be my first paid coach. Within two weeks my coaching practice took off and my financial situation turned around. He helped me take all the pieces I had developed – coaching skills, client processes, sales abilities, and business systems – and optimize them so that my coaching, which had been very useful for my clients, also became financially rewarding for me. As a coach I was doing a lot of good; my newly designed practice allowed me to also do well. (A powerful distinction.)

I now do for other coaches what Thomas did for me.

If you have been coaching for 7 or 8 years or more, and you have the basics working, if you have the feeling that something is missing or that you have not reached the level of mastery in your practice or in your life which you want, then call me at 214-693-1417 to see if you and I have the chemistry that will let my coaching help you have it all.

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