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You are Financially Independent

When it comes to money, most people are still in the accumulation phase. Their issues are different from yours.

Whether you were a trust fund baby, an inheritor of wealth, or someone who worked hard to create a successful company, sold it and are now financially independent, you have special considerations for the rest of your life. Your situation, through effort or luck, gives you a platform to do extraordinary things with your life.

Wealthy people frequently have issues of feeling they have to protect themselves from greedy, needy people who are interested in them only because of their wealth.

To have a coach is to have someone who has nothing to gain except seeing you create exactly what you want. That’s what I like about the coaching relationship; I don’t sell you anything. I just ask, listen, feel, observe, think, intuit and tell you what I see. It’s that simple. And quite sophisticated.

Wealth can be a tool for a great life. Or it can feel isolating and stifling. I have coached many wealthy people and they have expressed appreciation for my objectivity and third-party perspective. They have become comfortable with my ability to help them see clearly what they really want, not just what they think they want or what others think they should want.

It is possible for you to have a satisfying, meaningful, life of joy. You can learn all you want to learn. You can experience a deep, even spiritual, connection with others, contributing in ways that serve you as well as them. You can leave the legacy of your choosing.

And we really should talk about the issues of inter-generational wealth. They are significant.

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