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You're a Professional With a Growing Practice

As a professional you have some interesting challenges and opportunities.

Whether you are an attorney, financial planner, therapist, speaker, broker, salesperson, consultant or accountant, as a professional you have the multiple responsibilities of:

  • maintaining a high level of professional competence,
  • continuing to satisfy your current clients,
  • constantly marketing your services to potential new clients,
  • redefining and redesigning how you run your business,
  • and leading and managing a staff which supports you.

You must do all parts of this complex dance while also having a life separate from your work and while making sure you accumulate the assets which will provide for you after you no longer wish to work.

Whew! It is no wonder that many professionals experience burnout and, at some point, ask themselves, “Is this all there is?

I’ve coached many professionals. They each have had unique situations and a unique story so I would never imply there is a ready-made coaching solution which is applicable to all professionals. But I have observed there are some common desires.

It’s useful for you to have someone off of whom you can bounce ideas, expressing your most outrageous desires, and then who can help you design a cool-headed, well-thought-out plan you can put into play with confidence. I’ve been through many different situations and you can benefit from my experience.

When you spend the bulk of your time doing these three things business, and life, get better:

  1. do what you love,
  2. do¬†what you’re really good at, and
  3. do what is most profitable for you.

Any distraction from this focus will give you less than the results that you want. Amazing as it may seem most professionals spend less that half their day doing so.

If you are not spending most of your time doing these three things, call me at 214-693-1417.

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