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Steve Straus


“Steve has been my business/life coach, advisor, and friend for over 25 years. He has advised me (aka held my hand) through many of my major life events, which include building and growing my own law firm, the death of my mother, the sale of my law firm, raising 3 now adults, and numerous life issues in between. Steve will meet you intellectually and topically on any aspect of your life you choose. He is caring, honest (even if it something you don’t necessarily want to hear), highly informed on pretty much all topics, and one of the most intuitive people I have ever met. He’s done more for my life than I can ever thank him for.”

Clint David

“I have worked with Steve for over 20 years. Coaching for me has been about getting out of the way of myself. Steve has been instrumental in partnering with me on my success from manager to C-suite while managing life. A great investment in myself.”

Debbie Keehn

“As my coach, Steve helped me to better understand myself and my role as a business executive, a leader of people and as an overall person. With this focus I was able to show up as an authentic and stronger leader, manager and person.”

Stacy Tetschner

CEO & President

“I have known Steve in various capacities for 30+ years. His kindness, interest in others, and wisdom have been a great blessing to me. We have discussed in depth, faith, friends, finance and business with greater insight and candor than I could ever find with a friend, spouse or therapist! I have mentioned to others that he honestly cares more about me and my well being than even I do! I consider him a trusted advisor, compassionate counselor and dear friend. Anyone could do no better than to have him in their camp.”

Sanders Thompson

It’s so helpful being able to talk to an inner alchemist like yourself. You just get it: the power of transmuting all that raw stuff inside into insight and wisdom. You get that these are the building blocks for finding peace and passion in life. And when I talk to you, I feel like I get some of that too.

Jerome Salyers


“Over the last 15 years, Steve had made a tremendous positive impact in my professional life, as well as my personal happiness and fulfillment. He has a unique ability to generate ah-ha moments that lead to profound shifts in perspective and lasting change. If you’re looking for a coach to help you create the best version of yourself, Steve is the right choice.”

Ben Cody

“I chose Steve as my coach because of his experience and skill. Not many people know Steve trained with Thomas Leonard, a man who many consider the ‘Father of Professional Life Coaching.’ Since working with Steve, my own coaching practice is flourishing. He’s one of the best in the profession.”

Ed Rankin, PhD

Executive Coach and Leadership Advisor

Working with Steve is like having a swiss army knife in my pocket at all times. Which gives me confidence to go out and try new things, with a competent partner.”

Matthew Zucker

“Steve got me going in the right direction and my life has been a whole lot better because of Steve.

Construction Business Owner

“What a difference my life coach, Steve Straus, made! He not only helped me clear the tolerations I was enduring and set better boundaries, but he also helped me visualize my future. Retirement has been more than I could have imagined because of Steve’s support.”

Karen Myers

“Steve Straus has a style and method that is very effective. His coaching guided me personally and helped me refocus my energies and life choices that led to the life I live today. He has been available numerous times over the past 25 years to help me refocus. I have also watched him coach with my brother and son and know his coaching changed their lives, too. If you ‘think’ you might want to lean into coaching, consider the best! The Coach, Steve Straus will help you live your best life.

Kathy Volkman

“Steve Straus is an exceptional advisor who transcends traditional business coaching. His insights go beyond profit margins, emphasizing the interconnectedness of personal growth and professional success. Steve’s ability to help individuals see beyond the numbers and into their own strengths is invaluable. His personal touch fosters meaningful connections, leaving a lasting impression those he guides.”

Greg Hirsch

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