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You Own a Business

To use terminology coined by Michael E. Gerber in his book “The E-Myth” a successful business owner must simultaneously play three roles — The Entrepreneur, The Manager and The Technician. That is, you must look to the future to see how to change your business, while looking to the past to see how to optimize your business, and look at the present to actually do your business – three very different roles.

Based on other business owners I have coached I expect you want some of the following:

  • To grow your company from a (small b) business to a (capital B) Business.
  • To feel you can leave your business for a while and find it vigorous when you return.
  • To be able to “step into uncertainty with confidence” as you creatively try new approaches.
  • To create a sustainable business system rather than just an important job for yourself.

Clients have focused on damage control, streamlining operations, people issues, developing new markets, succession planning, and, sometimes, the sale of the business.

You and I collaborate regularly to:

  • Clarify the objectives, milestones and time frames for your success.
  • Focus your time and talents to achieve maximum leverage.
  • Create structures to support your endeavors.
  • Capitalize on the on-going opportunities that present themselves.

I have been called a “success accelerator.” To have me as your coach is to have another pair of experienced eyes help you see things from a different perspective. My only agenda is to help you achieve your agenda.

Business – and life – are supposed to be fun!

Call me at 214-693-1417 to see if you and I have the chemistry that will let my coaching help you have everything you want for your business and your life.

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